Group Rules and Guidelines Poster
Group Rules and Guidelines Poster

Group Rules and Guidelines Poster

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“Group Rules and Guidelines” poster for addiction treatment centers and professionals perfect for your class, center, clinic, home or office! Shipped straight to your door!

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1. Attendance at all groups and meetings is required.
2. NO CELL PHONES OR OTHER ELECTRONICS are permitted in group. Please turn them in to the group facilitator upon arrival. Failure to comply will result in your device being confiscated.
3. BE ON TIME. You are responsible for knowing when groups begin and you are expected to be sitting in your seat at the time group starts.
4. No sunglasses may be worn during group.
5. No eating during group.
6. Do not leave group unless you have received permission from the group leader. If you need to leave group, please do so quietly.
7. Respect confidentiality. What is said in the group stays in the group. There are a few exceptions to this: Clinicians must break confidentiality to report child/elder abuse, if someone is a danger to self/others. Clinicians may share relevant information with the treatment team.
8. Practice ownership and responsibility when speaking. Use “I” statements.
9. One person speaks at a time. Avoid side conversations, interrupting, and “cross talk”.
10. Respect the individual who is sharing, the group facilitator, and all group members.
11. Allow group members to share their feelings in a safe, supportive environment.
12. Give constructive feedback and be receptive to constructive feedback. Avoid judgmental comments and giving unsolicited advice.
13. Do not discuss peer members who are not present in the group.
14. Distractions such as drawing, excessive note-taking, E-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, etc. are not permitted
15. No threatening comments or behavior towards staff or peers. These may include, but are not limited to, hostile personal attacks, yelling/screaming, throwing items, and name-calling.
16. Avoid glorifying drug use and demeaning sexual talk.
17. No sleeping/laying down.